Respect for customers, understanding customers, creating value for customers is our principle of service, wholeheartedly, dedication to the customers is o...
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WUHU HUIFENG MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is a manufacturer specialized in developing,producing and selling car suspension parts and located on ANHUI XINWU ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ZONE. We mainly produce suspension parts such as control arm and rubber covering FORD, VOLKSWAGEN, CHEVROLET,BUICK,HYUNDAI,LAND ROVER,HONDA,NISSAN,MAZDA. Etc famous brand. With the mature team and leading technology, we already successfully lead in the trade to establish a ...
Auto parts as the basis for the automotive industry, is supporting the automotive ind...
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Contact: Manager Xu
Tel :0553 -2335888

Mobile: 18755357788

Email:[email protected]

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